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Metallic Epoxy LV (Low Viscosity)



E2U Metallic Epoxy has 45-60 minutes working time and it has excellent flow-ability and self-leveling properties. Its epoxy chemistry provides excellent bonding characteristics and is typically applied at a 20 mil thick single coat (50-60 sq. ft./gal). This dynamic blend does not require activator to be sprayed on the surface to obtain a unique and highly decorative look. E2U Metallic Pigment allows you to easily add reflective metallic color to your clear Metallic Epoxy to create beautiful, high gloss metallic epoxy finishes.

  • Coverage:
  • 50 sq. ft./gal. at 20 mils.
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The uniqueness and universality of E2U's Epoxy chemistry facilitate the applications where USDA Food & Beverage and other regulatory requirements must be obtained. Areas of use include garage floors, showrooms, hotel lobbies & entryways, exhibition halls, restaurants, retail/commercial venues.
  • - Create a dynamic and exotic look
  • - Highly resistant to ambering
  • - High gloss & color stability
  • - No amine blush
  • - ZERO VOC
  • - Essentially odorless
  • - Chemically resistant
  • - Extremely low viscosity with excellent flowability
  • 50 sq. ft./gal. at 20 mils.
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