Coverage Rates

Water Based Epoxy Coverage Rate

  • 300 – 400 SF/Gal over profiled concrete

CRU (Chemical Resistant Urethane) Coverage Rate

  • 300 SF/Gal Standard coverage rate

MVB 15 Coverage Rate

  • 100 SF/Gal
  • NOTE: This product can be used in different applications, but if you need the Manufacturer warranty for MVB15 it cannot be: Applied any more than 100 SF/Gal, Pigmented, Accelerated, Broadcast into and surface MUST be shot blasted.

Urethane 321 Coverage Rate

  • 500 – 600 SF/Gal – This particular sealer actually MUST be rolled out at the specified coverage rate… going less can cause white spots, small clumps, and unevenness.
  • NOTE: This sealer is designed to ONLY be applied to smooth flat surfaces, i.e.: Over epoxy, concrete that has been primed w/either a Waterbase or 100% Solids Epoxy or stained with WB Acrylic Stain… NOT Acid or Acetone based stain.

Metallic Epoxy Coverage Rate

  • 50 SF/Gal
  • 150 SQFT per 3gal Kit.

UV Resistant Epoxy 4500 Coverage Rate

  • 150 / 200 SF/Gal – This particular epoxy has an extended work time of up to 45 min., very strong UV Resistance and is ideal for a top coat sealer clear or pigmented.

Polyaspartic 85 Coverage Rate

  • 200 SF/Gal – Standard Coverage rate over flat surfaces… May leave you w/Orange peel
  • 150 SF/Gal – This is for a very nice glassy – flat type finish.
  • 100 – 175 SF/Gal – Over broadcast surfaces – Flake, Quartz, Sand

Waterbase Urethane Coverage Rate

  • 200 – 300 SF/Gal over flat surfaces
  • 100 – 175 SF/Gal over broadcast surfaces – Flake, Quartz, Sand
  • NOTE: This is a very versatile sealer Highly Chemical and abrasion resistant, UV Stable and ideal as a top coat sealer for almost any type of system available

100% Solids Epoxy Coverage Rate

  • 175 – 200 SF/Gal over profiled concrete
  • 200 – 250 SF/Gal over smooth surfaces (generally as a 2nd coat of epoxy)
  • 100 – 175 SF/Gal over broadcast surfaces such as Sand, Quarts, and Flake

6150 Epoxy, Regular or Rapid Cure Coverage Rate

  • 200 – 225 SF/Gal
  • Perks to this Epoxy are – Highest adhesion rating to concrete, “350”, Lifetime Adhesion Warranty, Holds back up to 9 lbs. of Moisture Vapor Transmission.
  • NOTE: This epoxy is specifically designed to be a PRIMER COAT ONLY! You must broadcast to refusal or top coat this product w/another coat of either “PIGMENTED” Epoxy or Sealer or risk serious ambering.

Urethane Cement / Polymer Concrete Coverage Rate

  • 35 SF/Kit at 3/16” Thickness – This is industry standard thickness for this product.
  • 48 – 50 SF/Kit at 1/8” Thickness – This thickness is not recommended because the product dose not easily gage rake out when it is this thin or aerate out very well.
  • 24 – 26 SF/Kit at ¼” Thickness
  • NOTE: SQFT Coverages may very due to unevenness and bird bathing on the surface of the slab causing you to use more product.

Waterbase Acrylic Wet-Look Coverage Rate

  • 300 SF/Gal – Generally, however when going over freshly profiled concrete your initial coat of sealer may only get as much as 150 – 200 SF/ Gal depending on the porosity of the concrete surface.