Garage Rehab Before pic w logosGarage Rehab After pic w logos
loft island gray floor BEFOREloft island gray floor AFTER
Green floor to Flake garage Before 1920wGreen floor to Flake garage After 1920w
basic warehouse floor beforebasic warehouse floor After
room under construction gray floor BEFOREroom under construction gray floor AFTER
Orange metallic large garage beforeOrange metallic large garage
jiffylube crazy bond BEFOREjiffylube crazy bond AFTER
Flake floor in garage Bentley and Tesla -BEFOREFlake floor in garage Bentley and Tesla -AFTER
Blue metallic floor in utility garage area -BEFOREBlue metallic floor in utility garage area -AFTER
public restroom flake floor BEFOREpublic restroom flake floor AFTER
Riverwood Table BEFORERiverwood Table AFTER
backyard WB stain red BEFOREbackyard WB stain red AFTER
small warehouse BEFOREsmall warehouse AFTER
Chestnut metallic kitchen remodel Before 1920wChestnut metallic kitchen remodel After 1920w
flake floor 3 Beforeflake floor 3 After
Safety Blue industrial hallway Before 1920wSafety Blue industrial hallway After 1920w
industrial flake hallway Before 1920windustrial flake hallway After 1920w
Dennison floor as Bball court BEFORE 1920wDennison floor as Bball court AFTER 1920w
Please keep in mind that images may appear different than actual application for a large variety of reason. Lighting, camera types, photo editing software and many more factors can affect digital coloring from the actual product in application. Use these images as a simple guide to getting you a product and color you like.