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Easycove Corners



Easycove® corners are available in 4″ and 6″ heights, inside or outside corners, and allow for greater installation convenience.

Easycove® base moldings are pre-formed with a patented, water-tight design that is specifically geared towards the floor and wall coatings industry. These pre-formed cove base corners replicate the unique DoveLock™ engineering and further encourages saving time, reductions in materials and labor costs, and continued ease of typical coving installations.

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  • Pre-formed, patented, water-tight design
  • Cove Anchor - Superior bond to floor locking out moisture
  • Bond Channels - Strengthen cove to wall bond
  • Bond Strength - Superior bond to substrate when using our adhesive
  • Fire Resistant - Will not support combustion
  • Customizable - Can be custom made to any length, mitered to any angle, coated to any color and/or pre-coated
  • Easy Install - Physically easier to install than standard coving
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