Midwest Rake Speed Squeegee, 24″
June 11, 2021
26″ Easy Squeegee™
June 11, 2021
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Easy Squeegee™ with Flat Flexible Blade


Finally a Truly Cleanable and Reusable, Precision Application Squeegee System

The Easy Squeegee, provides industry-leading precision, predictability, and versatility when compare to competitive products. The self-locating & self-leveling blades ensure your blade is straight, level, and in perfect contact with the floor every time.

Cured Coatings Release, technology ensures the frame is reusable regardless of the material (epoxy and urethane) you’re putting down with the Easy Squeegee, once cured the frame can be cleaned.

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  • - Self-locating and self-leveling blade
  • - Flat, flexible blade
  • - Cured Coatings Release technology
  • - Intelligent blade identification
  • - Protected threads and fasteners
  • - Thumb screws replace nuts

19", 27"