Easy Squeegee, 27″ With Flat Flexible Blade
June 11, 2021
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June 11, 2021
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Easy Squeegee, 18″


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Location: Arizona, USA

Finally a Truly Cleanable and Reusable, Precision Application Squeegee System

The Easy Squeegee„¢ provides industry-leading precision, predictability, and versatility when compare to competitive products. The self-locating & self-leveling blades ensure your blade is straight, level, and in perfect contact with the floor every time.

The six unique engineered blades provide a level of versatility and job site application options not currently available from any competitive application squeegee tool today.

Cured Coatings Release„¢ technology ensures the frame is reusable regardless of the material (epoxy and urethane) you’re putting down with the Easy Squeegee„¢, once cured the frame can be cleaned.


  • Self-locating and self-leveling blade
  • 6 unique blades from 5 to 30 WFT MILS
  • Cured Coatings Release„¢ technology
  • Intelligent blade identification
  • Protected threads and fasteners
  • Thumb screws replace nuts

with FLAT STIFF BLADE, with 5-7 WFT Mils BLADE, with 8-12 WFT Mils BLADE, with 15-20 WFT Mils BLADE, with 25-30 WFT Mils BLADE