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Why Should You Choose An Epoxy Flake System For Your Home?

E2U's garage basement kit applied to home garage - grey base with white, blue, black flecks. Whether you need a high quality epoxy floor system for an indoor garage or basement or an all weather coating system for outdoor patios and pools, E2U has an unmatched selection of superior garage and concrete floor paints that are easy to use, dry fast and provide years of sturdy protection for the original surface. Available in a great selection of colors, with the option to add unique flecks for a custom look, our E2U Products are sure to provide you with the most durable and safest residential epoxy flooring system you can buy.

An indoor garage or basement should never be neglected. Over time cracks that seem small can start to spread and cause further erosion and damage to the surface. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you have no choice but to replace the entire floor. Using the high quality residential epoxy flooring systems from Epoxy2U can save you a lot of money in the long run by providing a multilayer coating that will not only improve the look of your garage or basement floor, but it will also keep it in great condition. E2U's 100% Solids Epoxy flooring kit is proven to be 12 times stronger than standard water based garage paints and with the thicker epoxy comes faster drying times and a finely finished surface that will last for years.

Outside floors are also in need of strong protection from foul weather, cracking granite or stone and constant foot traffic. Patios, decks, pools and walkways can all use a sturdy coating to keep it looking good and safe for you and your family to walk on. E2U's premier flooring epoxy systems is a high quality, heavy duty product that is made from actual ground stone that is embedded in a special application liquid. This unique roll-on-stone system is perfect for outdoor stone steps, patios and walkways and can also be used indoors on locker room and pool house floors.

E2U's Urethane, Polyurethane & Polyaspartics

Our Polyaspartic products provide a durable, highly-resistant and decorative finish to epoxy projects.

How Epoxy Flake Systems fair in humid or cold climates?

How Epoxy Flake Systems fair in humid or cold climates? That completely depends on the Tack Free Time or the time in which it takes for the epoxy to not feel sticky to the touch. If you're making renovations to garage floors or aircraft hangers in an area that might have high humidity, you must be mindful of the type of epoxy that you use for your job. Here are a few rules to be mindful of in cold or wet climates.

1. Stay away from water-borne moisture-mitigating epoxy in very humid environments or extreme cold, such as a basements, tropical regions or in cold climates of less than 50 degrees.

2. High humidity has little to no affect on 100% solids epoxy.

3. In colder climates, don't apply coatings or clear coats within 5 degrees of the dew point.

4. Use a temperature activator or "Part B" to speed up the cure time.

5. Polyaspartic/polyurea hybrid products do very well in high humidity and cold climates.


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