Dennison Flooring System

The most durable wood-look flooring solution in the industry!

Meet Shawn, the creator of the E2U Dennison Flooring system. Shawn is an expert installer of this unique system that gives floors a beautiful hardwood flooring look with the strength and durability of epoxy flooring. Shawn is training all our distributors in this system.


DenniStain Standard Colors

Left = Light Base Right = Dark Base

DenniStain Special Colors

Left = Light Base Right = Dark Base

Why would I want to use E2U Flake Systems over other flooring systems?

  • Affordability: The E2U Flake System is actually cheaper than most decorative flake and stained floor systems. We’ve worked tirelessly formulating a system that is cost effective and that still contains the strength and durability for a long lasting floor system.

  • Easy Installation: Applying E2U Flake Systems is just plain simple. Just apply the E2U 6150 Epoxy, then distribute flakes while first coat is still wet, finally, apply our Poly 85 top-coat for a satin finish.
  • Amazing & Unique Results: E2U Flake Systems give the finished floor more dimension and depth than a concrete stain. Our Flake System will give your floors the “Wow!” factor that you always imagined.

  • E2U is the next generation of decorative resinous flooring! After years of research and installation in the field of resinous flooring, we are proud to offer our Flake System.

  • ***Outside of the Continental U.S. and Canada? We are now offering International Shipping to select countries. Please call 586-771-6500 for more details***


  • For a partial broadcast, you can apply the flake system at the rate of 20 sq./ft. to 200 sq./ft. of floor coating per lb. of flakes. For full broadcast to refusal it takes substantially more, 10 sq./ft. per 1 lb.

  • Full broadcast means flakes are applied so heavy that the coating can’t absorb anymore and they are sitting on the surface.

  • For a complete guide to applying E2U Flake Systems, please visit

  • Advantages

  • Decorative natural stone look

  • Hide sub-surface imperfections

  • 6 different pre-mixed color blends to choose from

  • Optimal flexibility and strength

  • Colorfast, UV stable pigments

  • Low sound / noise deadening qualities

  • 1/4" size chips
  • How do we do it?



    Epoxy works best on a clean and flat surface. Begin by scrubbing and cleaning the floor with a solution designed to remove grease and oil.



    Next, any serious cracks, chips, or spalls in the concrete must be repaired before applying epoxy. Simply use a concrete patching product to fill minor cracks and chips. Let product fully cure before proceeding to next step.



    Combine the two-part epoxy and mix. Then, spread mixture evenly over concrete for 100% coverage. Note: Temperature may determine how long this step takes.



    While the epoxy is still fresh, begin spreading the flake evenly and generously. Tip: Grab a handful and toss the flake up & out, not straight down.


    The Dennison Flooring System simulates wood or stone pattern using a unique application technique and a durable epoxy blend. Our installers are specially trained in transforming your flooring into a strong and visually stunning surface that will keep its signature look for decades.


    Learn this amazing concrete flooring technique that looks like real wood. The most durable wood-look flooring solution in the industry! Where: E2U Phx, AZWhen: Jan 21 - Jan 22 Time: 9AM-3 PM Cost: $400 or $100 Deposit | Lunch will be provided.


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