E2U Polyaspartic RC (Rapid Cure)
May 29, 2020
E2U Polyaspartic XRC (Extreme Rapid Cure)
May 29, 2020
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E2U Polyaspartic Satin


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Manufacturer: EPOXY2U LLC
Location: Arizona, USA

E2U Polyaspartic Satin is the next generation in 2-component, fast drying, aliphatic polyurea. It gives a satin finish with little to no gloss. It can be applied between 8 and 10 mm and it features high abrasion and chemical resistance. It cures within 4-6 hours and it can be installed in extremely high or low temperatures. It is the ideal product when low odor, fast turnaround and a non-yellowing system are essential. Coverage: 150 sq. ft./gal. at 8 mil.


Ideal areas of use include pharmaceutical, food prep/kitchens, garage floors, restrooms, manufacturing plants, aisle ways, clean rooms, auto showrooms, schools, laboratories, basements, kennels, veterinary facilities, locker rooms, ramps, health care facilities, and loading docks.


  • Matte (satin) finish
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Non-yellowing, U/V stability
  • Chemical & stain resistant
  • ZERO VOC and low odor
  • No hot-tire pickup
  • High flow-ability
  • Fast drying (4-6 hour cure)
  • Cure in cold-climate environments (30ºF)