E2U Green Concrete Primer & Sealer


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E2U Green Concrete Primer & Sealer

Location: Tempe, AZ, USA

E2U Green Concrete Primer & Sealer is a zero VOC, two component, clear, un-pigmented, waterbased epoxy primer. It performs both as a primer for new or existing wet concrete and as a concrete curing compound. E2U Green Concrete Primer & Sealer’s unique formula eliminates the need for shot blasting, acid washing, or other costly, time consuming processes. It has an excellent adhesion to green concrete and has a broad recoat window between 8 and 28 hours.


  • Excellent adhesion to green concrete
  • Performs like curing agent & sealer
  • Zero VOC, low odor
  • Rapid thin film set time tack-free in 1 hour
  • No need to wait for 28 days
  • Compatible with water, high alkalinity
  • Wide topcoating window: same day or up to 28 days
  • Easy application: brush, roller, or airless sprayer
  • Eliminates the need and cost of shot-blasting